Protrait of Edwin Kenjiro Gardiner, 2016

Edwin did his degree at the Canberra School Art and spent most of his time in the Painting workshop, but completed his final year in the Graphic Investigation workshop. During Edwin’s second year, traveled with architecture students from Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide on a trip across Australia, from Sydney to Broome in a trip called the ‘Great divide’. This trip provided a brief overview of much of Australia’s outback wilderness, including the Sturt and Strzelecki deserts and the Kimberly region. Edwin made an Artist book while in Graphics, which is now the collected by the Australian National University. Whilst in Graphic Investigation Edwin went on a student exchange to the Czech Republic in 1994 and studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts for seven months. Where he studied under Professor Vladimir Kokolia, who also shared Edwin’s interested in Taoism and internal Kung Fu. Among the most influential Prague experiences, was the paintings of Michael Ranny. The Czech Republic is culture stepped in Romanticism, and Edwin’s absorption surfaced more coherently after his return to Australia. His graduating work of dark engraving/mono prints 1995-6 reveals the simulation of the Prague experience and own personal interest in Romanticism in general. Immediately after Art school, Edwin moved to Melbourne and after a short break of a few years continued to make art. His has had studios in Degraves street Melbourne CBD, East St Kilda, Clifton Hill (Parslow street studios), East Brunswick and western suburbs of Melbourne. During 2005-6 Edwin exhibited through the commercial gallery Scott Liversey. However financial problems forced a break from art making, and Edwin was only able to maintain his drawing skills through the practice of life drawing, and did not exhibit paintings again until 2012 where he showed at an independent artist run gallery. Edwin moved back to Canberra in 2012 in preparation to try and live and work in Japan. He exhibited again in 2014 in Queanbeyan NSW. Since 2014 he has completed a certificate in TESOL course and learnt Japanese language. Edwin continues to work on his art as well developing an online course for colour theory and painting practice, and refurbishing his web to become more viewable on mobiles.  Edwin is currently working on a series of landscapes on Gesso panels(like fresco painting), with a mixed drawing and painting technique.